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6 Essential Free Printable And Amazon KDP Tools

Printables and Amazon KDP books have a lot in common, one thing these digital products have in common is that, they can be TIME CONSUMING to make. 

However, these six free and opensource tools can really make your Etsy printable and Amazon KDP book business a whole lot easier. 

Let me know in the comments section if you have experience with SOME OR ALL of these tools. 

1. PDF To Image

This is such a SIMPLE yet POWERFUL tool if you want to leverage your printables for free buyer traffic. 

It's easy to use, just drop your pdf file into the tool and it will automatically separate your file into .PNG images. Get free access right here.

2. Canva

Where do I begin? Canva is one of the MAJOR reasons why I live a life of financial freedom! Canva has allowed me to create digital assets that I've sold on multiple platforms for passive profits. 

These days I've stopped using it for my printables (I have a better tool), I primarily use it to create KDP books, certain type of Pinterest pins and Google Ads. Get free access right here.

3. Pixabay

Quite simply, one of the oldest and most useful public domain image repositories around. I don't get all of my images from Pixabay, but I've definitely gotten a ton of them from Pixabay.   

Regardless if you are building a printable, a KDP book or a Print On Demand physical product, Pixabay is a 'GO-TO' resource.

IMPORTANT NOTE: only download and use images that were published BEFORE January 2019. Get free access right here.

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4. Keyword Finder 


Keywords Are Virtual Real-Estate!

You don't build a convenience store in the middle of the Gobi dessert, you build it right in the middle of Times-Square New York! 

You want to attract as many people as possible to your products, and the best way to do that is to align what you have with what people are looking for. 

One of the best places to get easy and free buyer traffic is Pinterest. You could use or you could get 100% FREE access to my Pin Keyword Finder right here. 

5. Combine PDF

This is a powerful and free tool I use to assemble my KDP books. You see, I usually create my first 3 pages and my last 3 pages separate from my main book content on Canva.

I later assemble them into one book using 'Combine PDF', Get free access right here.

6. Etsy/Amazon  

The truth is I'm not a creative person yet I'm about to create a comfortable income selling printables online

I'm able to do this because I create printables and KDP books based on what's already selling successfully online. 

To find out what ALREADY SELLS WELL, I simply go to the source and add my keywords. I look for the top ten products and I create similar products with added bonuses, it really is that simple. Access Etsy right here.


These are some of the top free tools I use to make and sell both printables and KDP books online.

If you want access to the same method I use to make and sell printables online then get started below: