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Make And Sell Printables

Today you’re going to learn how to sell printables online. Learn to:

  • Create printable products to sell
  • Extract tons of traffic from Pinterest
  • Build an Ecommerce store in minutes with FREE software

Who Am I? I’m Ike Paz and I have over 8 years experience selling printables and other digital products online.

...And I've Been Throwing Up Printable Sales Daily!

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Okay, Let’s get started. What is a Printable?

A printable is anything you print-out that serves a purpose. The term printable gets MILLIONS of searches a month worldwide.

It’s a great product idea because it’s versatile and easy to make, you have printable:

  • games
  • activities
  • calendars
  • quotes
  • checklists
  • journals
  • wall art
  • coloring books
  • etc…

On top of that, you don’t have to ship anything. Once the customer buys it, he or she gets access to it INSTANTLY!

It’s up to you, as the marketer, to pair the niche with the right type of printable.

bunny passive money

So if you’re in the low carb weight loss niche then a weight loss diet journal might be an ideal product to sell.

But before you do anything, you need to do proper keyword research.

You can use Google Trends to see what people are searching for, or you can use my personalized buyer-keyword tool.

PRO TIP: Never create a product based on what you think the market wants. Find out what the market wants FIRST, and then give it to them.

How To Create Printables?

First things first, you need to use public domain images. You can get thousands of public domain images from

Download the images and illustrations you want and upload them to Crispy Prints.

What is Crispy Prints? Well, it's in all-in-one printable creation platform that enables anyone without tech skills or design skills to create hot selling digital products.

ike and printable

Ike Paz With a Crispy Prints Printable "Pepakura" Panda Mask

In the past, I used to get my printables made or I hired freelancers on sites like

However, both methods are TOO TIME CONSUMING & TOO EXPENSIVE.

Again, Crispy Prints is super easy to use. If you can drag and drop then you can create stunning printables in minutes!

After you create a printable you know people want then its time to upload it to your own e-commerce store or on Etsy.

Create an E-commerce store to sell printables online

You could either create your own e-commerce store, start one for free on Etsy, Amazon Ignite or Teachers-pay-teachers. 

If you want to create your own self-hosted store then follow what I do:

To create an e-commerce store, just install the free Woocommerce plugin to your WordPress blog.

Follow the woocommerce wizard set up and you’re done!

It takes care of everything. If you have a WordPress blog right now, then you can have an e-commerce store up in 10 mins.


Just upload your printable products and images, and start sending traffic to them.

How To Get Pinterest Traffic?

The secret is out! Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social media platform, plain and simple.

Forget #Hashtags and “Follow for Follow” strategies.

It’s all about ON PAGE, if you pin images regularly then you just need to keyword optimize your:

  • Account
  • Board Descriptions
  • And Pin Descriptions

Then YOU WILL get traffic to your printable products.

PRO TIP: I use my very own FREE Pin Keyword Tool.

I had a Google Chrome extension created for Pinterest. I was tired of copying and pasting each individual keyword from the Pinterest search bar.

My chrome extension solves that for you, and it’s yours for FREE! 

It makes all the keywords available to you so that you can quickly copy and paste them INTO your descriptions.

I’m all about saving time, and these tools automate a lot for me and it's users.

PRO TIP: Crispy Prints also creates high quality Pinterest Pins that sucks free buyer-traffic from Pinterest, and presales your audience on your printables for easy passive sales.

That's TWO birds with one STONE, and a BIG WIN FOR DAILY RESDIUAL INCOME!!

Now you know:

  • Where to look for printable product keywords.
  • Where to create printables quickly and easily.
  • How to create an ecommerce store in under 10min.
  • How to get traffic to your printables.
  • How to sell printables online.

These are the broad strokes of a full-time passive income printable business..

...If you want my detailed video guides, printable software generators, auto-pin generators and my buyer keyword tool then become a Crispy Prints member today!